Interviews : TobyMac


Long before Tobymac was visiting or renovating Diverse City,

he was rappin’ it up with his group DC Talk. Formed at Lynchburg

Virginia’s Liberty University in the mid 1980s DC Talk would eventually

go on to become one of the biggest selling and well known Christian

music acts of all time. In our latest artist interview, Tobymac chats

with Christian Music Rewind regarding his early days with DC Talk,

discussing how the group came to be, and their progression

through the groups various phases.

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Interviews : Billy Smiley

Billy Smiley

Tune in for a history of Whiteheart from beginning to end

with someone who was a part of the band the entire time.

As a founding member of Whiteheart, Billy talks about the

bands formation, their music, and various band members over

the years. He even opens up about a major crisis that could

have ended Whiteheart just a few years after they began.

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Interviews : Bob Hartman

Bob Heartman

As the founder of Petra, Bob has seen it all. From their beginnings

playing in high school gyms, to the sold out area shows.

Hear the story of Petra first hand from this Christian rock Legend.

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Interviews : Greg X. Volz

Greg X. Volts

Greg X. Volz is best known for being Petra’s frontman during

their middle years, but the legendary Christian singer

has also had a substantial solo career with ten Top 10 hits to his credit.

Find out more about Greg’s career including his stint with Petra and

his current status as an artist in this exclusive interview

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Interviews : Interview with John Schlitt

John Schlitt

John Schlitt is most recognized for his near 20-year spot

as the lead singer of the band Petra. John talks about the

history of the band and the different members over the

years, including the time he almost called it quits.

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Interviews : Farrell and Farrell

Ferrel & Ferrel

As early pioneers in the Jesus Music of the 70′s, Bob & Jayne Farrell later became a leader in Christian synth-pop of the 80′s.

Check out our exclusive interview with Farrell & FarrellInterview

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