“Ragamuffin” Movie Trailer

There are many aspects of the life of Rich Mullins that even his closest friends didn’t know about, let alone the average Christian music listener. Many of those aspects are about to be revealed on the big screen in the new movie “Ragamuffin”.  The film is directed by David Leo Schultz who became a fan of Rich Mullins in high school when his cousin popped a Rich Mullins tape into the car.   Rich’s ministry had a profound effect on David especially while “living the struggling actors life with intention of being a Missionary in Hollywood.”

David spent several years seeking approval from the Mullins family, hashing out details for the screenplay and raising money for the film.  Principle photography was finished last August and the film will make its World Premier in Rich’s adopted home town, Wichita, Kansas on January 9th, 2014. Tickets are available through itickets.com.

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